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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

We are in the midst of a pandemic, that could not have been foreseen, and is unprecedented. Not in my lifetime, has the whole world been basically closed down due to a virus, or for any other reason. This then led to me to discuss with my father, who, yes is still alive and is going on 87 years of age, and has never in his lifetime come across this situation before.

So, it is time for us to be the light, and guide the world into the new dimension. We will not be the same again, and yes, there is the stress that many are dealing with, loss of jobs, businesses, income, and health issues have been immense.

Some people are in a state of panic and despair and scared for the vulnerable in society. However, for those of us that are spiritually-minded, we know that we are all one. For these people, they will understand when I say that this is the world awakening and they will know that we have been doing this as a collective for a while now, with a focus on saving humanity. Being the guides, gurus, and healers for those who are seekers of truth and to counteract the collective unconscious.

This is about our survival and our ability to sustain life for the next generations to come. We need to rebirth. To focus on tomorrow, what are we doing to build a better world? Everyone is a leader in their own way. Leadership does not mean being famous or well-liked, but It is a choice to live fearlessly by your own moral code without a second thought to the why. The WHY is to be you and being you is exactly our purpose.

At present we have hate, slander, and aggression because of a difference in opinion and people throwing concepts out there to awaken us to more. I know you may feel threatened and pray for the days where we can go back to what we had, but now is the time to say goodbye to that as we are in a global change and crisis.

So now is the time to show up and do the work as we are hitting the time when a choice will need to be made. Open up and ride the wave of change and awareness of more than meets the eye, or bury your head and refuse to look at anything, and continue to play the victim or bully until these programs don't compute with our reality.

What is holding humanity back is the fact that we are focused on the wrong thing. Our own personal survival!! The thing is that, by getting your head out the sand and healing others as well as the world, you'll never have to worry about that anyway.

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