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7 steps to embracing your shadow

Have you ever felt unworthy and all alone in this world?

I have found that by looking into our shadow self, we can step forward into the light, and as I have, in the last five years moved from a state of feeling worthless and unable to cope to a state where I am able to speak about it with you, I feel that it especially important to understand our shadows.

Now Research tells us that the shadow is the side of your personality that contains all the parts of yourself that you do not want to admit to having. If we understand our shadow, we can accept and face our anger, we can then set better boundaries. And if we fully accept our sadness, we can also feel joy more fully, and are more likely to find a middle ground of contentment then be stuck in one side of the emotional spectrum.

Now I remember a time when I was in a difficult situation in my workplace. Yes, it was toxic, and all I really wanted was to get out. After having some guidance on my shadows, and working out that my supervisor was my shadow, I then arrived at work one day, and stopped at the door and walked in full of gratitude. I was grateful for everyone and everything within these walls. Yes, what a change in mindset. However, I walked through those doors and the whole workplace changed. They were friendly, they wanted to talk to me, they started treating me like I was important. Something, that I had never experienced before. What had changed was that I now realized that my supervisor was my shadow, and so this awareness enabled me to step into the light...

Today, I want to teach you the 7-step framework on how to face our dark side, which will enable us to become integrated, whole, and comfortable in our own skin.

1. Banish shame, to enable self-acceptance.

2. Journal - can help you with personal issues as well as achieving your goals and dreams.

3. Laugh at yourself.

4. Meditate with a focus on self-compassion and acceptance of own humanness.

5. Think of your good qualities. Accept the possibility that the opposite may also be true but that is ok.

6. Realize that shadow side reflects your power, honesty, and passion.

7. Talk to someone you trust, (it maybe a coach, or a friend or even family)

So, join with me by sending me a message and together we can become integrated, whole, and comfortable in our own skin. (This will enable me to get back to you as soon as I can)

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